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Values and Visions

Leading through our values. Acting on our commitments, translating our corporate culture and principles into positive strategies that shape our Company, respect for our communities and safeguard the environment. Our mission is guided by the following values:

Integrity and Respect

We conduct the business of the Company in accordance with the principles of ethics, equality and justice to earn the trust of our colleagues, investors, employees and communities in which we work.  We listen and communicate with Stakeholders throughout all stages of project development.


We recognize and respect the traditions and rights of Aboriginal peoples and support cultural and social functions in communities where we work.  We manage our business in a manner that enhances community, social, and economic benefits, while striving to minimize the environmental impacts associated with project development.


We acknowledge the role that the clean energy sector will play to reduce the overall dependence on carbon based fuels. We adopt management practices to reduce our carbon foot print. We develop our projects with a healthy respect for the relationship between energy, people and the land.  


We work in a peer environment with a team-based, non-hierarchical approach that respects the individual attributes of each member.  We maximize the contribution of all Team members to ensure project success.

Health and Safety

We implement project procedures to protect the well being of our employees, consultants, constructors, the public and the environment.

Our vision in action. Our view is that environmental stewardship fosters sustainability, profitability and preserves the longevity of the infinite forms of life that inhabit our planet.

  • Gilead is, and will continue to be, an exemplar in clean energy project development.
  • With proven processes and experienced human resources in place, we strive to become a Company favoured by all of its Stakeholders.
  • Combined with our experience, is our commitment to meet industry standards that generate positive results for the communities in which we live and work in.
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