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The Energy Challenge

Ontario’s Energy Need - Climate change is an important issue facing our planet today. Governments and concerned citizens worldwide are searching for balanced solutions that benefit Stakeholders and the environment. The development of wind power is the fastest growing source of renewable electricity generation.

Humans are the most successful species on the planet, but we are using more resources that the Earth can provide. This is leading to a depletion of Earth’s life supporting natural capital and a buildup of waste. We are exploiting our local ecosystem more rapidly than it can renew itself.

Between 1993 and 2003 Ontario’s electricity generating capacity fell by 6% while demand grew by 8.5%. The province estimates that by 2025 the energy gap will have grown to approximately 10,000 MW.  In addition, according to the Ontario Power Authority, between now and 2025, Ontario must refurbish or replace nearly 25,000 MW of the province’s current generating capacity. This provincial mandate calls for a higher contribution from renewable sources. By 2020 Ontario wants 15% of its energy to come from wind which amounts to approximately 5,000 MW of generating capacity. This compares with the current contributions by wind of only 1.3%. Currently, Ontarians spend just over CAN $7 billion each year on electricity to power their homes. A 10% efficiency saving would mean CAN $700 million more in the pockets of homeowners across the province.  Gilead was founded to help fill this need and respond to the public’s demand for more additional cleaner energy sources.

The Green Energy Act

Sustaining our planet, on May 14th, 2009 the Green Energy Act (Bill 150) was passed by the Ontario Provincial Government at Queen's Park.

The GEA is intended to make Ontario a global leader in the development of renewable energy, clean distributed energy, and conservation, while creating thousands of jobs, economic prosperity and energy security and protecting the climate. 

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