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The proposed Mica Bay Wind Energy Facility is located south of the Andrews Generating Station on the Montreal River, approximately 70 km north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
The proposed project comprises approximately 8,500 hectares on Crown land, in the Townships of Kincaid, Nicolet, Slater and Smilsky in the District of Algoma. At a preliminary stage of development, the project size is contemplated to be 75-100MW based on the current wind resource data and known site constraints. Environmental work and consultation within the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process will begin following submission of an application for a Feed in Tariff (FIT) contract, planned in 2012.

Project Overview

Wind Resource:  Two meteorological test towers were installed in 2008 to assist in the evaluation of the local wind regime.  The test towers have been complimented with a LiDAR wind measuring device deployed in 2011.  Initial wind monitoring indicates an above average wind resource.  The Wind Resource Assessment Program prepared by Genivar Inc. commenced in 2009.  Continued monitoring of the wind resource will provide information on capacity, long term projections and potential electricity generation.

Progress to date: Environmental baseline monitoring was initiated in the summer and fall of 2008 and continued in the fall of 2011.  Environmental Assessments, as required by the Ministry of the Environment, for obtaining a REA will begin following submission of a FIT application.  Community consultation and Aboriginal engagement activities will commence in 2012 in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Transmission options: In 2012, an interconnection study will be undertaken to evaluate the capacity of the transmission system for the proposed project.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about our Mica Bay Wind Energy Park Project please email us at [email protected]


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