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Corporate Sustainability Policy

Gilead Power recognizes that our Earth is a closed system that has constraints in resource supply and natural capital. We understand that currently life support systems for our continued existence on the planet-those providing clean air, water, food-are in decline and that simultaneously global population and demand for these resources and services are increasing. The result of this is a narrowing gap in the ability of the planet to meet the needs of future generations.

For Gilead, sustainability is a movement to living in harmony with the things we rely upon: the economic, social and ecological environments in which we live. More specifically, it is the preservation of a world that meets the needs of its people, both now and for future generations to come. We understand the impact that business has on our world and recognize the potential of harnessing this impact for positive change. Gilead`s primary objective is the development and operation of clean energy for the future. We are providing a sustainable solution in all aspects-economic, social, and environmental-as a means of seeking business opportunity.

Gilead looks to integrate sustainability into all aspects of its business, from its day to day corporate operations to all stages of its development model, from project feasibility to construction and operation.   In order to tackle sustainability, however, we must begin with the end in mind.  The following are Gilead’s three sustainable objectives for the future:

  1. Environmental Stewardship and Impact Reduction: to mitigate the environmental impact of our projects and activities.
  2. Social Commitment and Responsibility: to increase our engagement, collaboration, and investment with Aboriginal and community stakeholders, to maintain the highest standards of respect and integrity for our employees, and to play a role in the education and advocating of clean energy.

  3. Contribution to Ontario’s Economy: to continue to contribute to the area’s clean energy targets as a means to creating economic value for our shareholders and in the communities in which we operate.   

Gilead is a forward looking company that cares about future generations and will take every step it can to ensure that our world can meet their needs. Our corporate image and reputation is important to us and aspiring to achieve the above objectives will continue to establish ourselves as a leader in sustainable development.

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