Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park.

The Ostrander Point project is located on the south shore of Prince Edward County. A 44 kV transmission line will be constructed from the project site to the provincial electricity grid at the Milford Distribution Station.

When developed, this wind farm has the potential of providing power for approximately 5,600 homes per year. Please refer to our new website for updates on the Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park.
Ostrander Point WInd Energy Park LP
Myth vs Reality Myth Vs. Reality

MYTH: Wind farms are noisy.

FACT:The evolution of wind farm technology over the past decade has rendered mechanical noise from turbines almost undetectable with the main sound being the aerodynamic swoosh of the blades passing the tower. read more >>
Benefits of Ostrander Benefits of Ostrander Point

Between 1993 and 2003 Ontario’s electricity generating capacity fell by 6% while demand grew by 8.5%. The province estimates that by 2025 the energy gap will have grown to approximately 10,000 MW. In addition, according to the Ontario Power Authority.. read more >>
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