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Located in an area adjacent to an existing 230kV transmission line, the proposed Murillo Wind Energy Facility comprises approximately 3,000 hectares of leased private and Crown land in the Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge and the unorganized Township of Ware in the District of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Gilead has experienced strong local support for the project and continues the process of optioning the land from interested land owners in the area. We have been monitoring the wind in the project area since 2008. The initial results indicate the potential to develop a 50-100 MW wind energy project. Environmental work and consultation within the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process will following submission of a FIT application.

Project Overview

Wind resource: In 2008, Gilead installed two-60m meteorological test towers to monitor the wind regime within the project area. Gilead is also investigating the potential to deploy LiDAR units at strategic locations to complement the test towers and will continue collecting wind data for the next several years. A detailed wind resource assessment will be completed by Genivar Inc. to provide information on capacity, long term projections and potential electricity generation. 

Progress to date: The project will require a Renewable Energy Approval from the Ministry of the Environment.  The Renewable Energy Approval process includes environmental assessment, cultural and archaeological heritage assessment, acoustical assessment, community consultation, Aboriginal community and stakeholder engagement activities.  

Transmission options: Based on the results of the work completed to date, the project is expected to connect to the 230kV transmission line, owned and operated by Hydro One Networks Inc. in close proximity to the project.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about our Murillo Wind Energy Park Project please email us at [email protected]


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