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Our Philosophy

Making clean energy a reality. Established in 2004, Gilead is a privately-owned Canadian company engaged in clean energy initiatives.  Ideas, innovations and actions are broadened through the competence, knowledge and capability possessed by Gilead. Gilead has identified numerous projects through the diligent application of our Project Development Model.

Along with a profound depth of experience and passion for our business, we are dedicated to fostering strong ties to the communities in which we operate. Our promise is to work in a spirit of collaboration and openness with Aboriginal peoples, government, environmental groups, landowners and industry partners to strive for sustainable results.

This is the philosophy that fuels everything we do.

Leading Forward. A United Nations panel of scientists and over 160 governments agreed that the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) is causing our climate to change dramatically. Clean energy is a natural, reliable, and sustainable source of electricity generation. Gilead is a collective group of professionals working to develop clean energy initiatives that promote economic development and reduce reliance on environmentally degrading electricity generating sources.

Our Mission. Our mission is to identify and develop clean energy projects with respect for our environment, concern for our neighbours and responsibility to our shareholders.
Ontario Water Power Association  Canadian Wind Energy Association
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