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Aboriginal Values Statement

Gilead’s values provide process and direction to further the vision and mission of our organization. In turn, these values guide our business decisions as we work to meet the Company’s obligations to the public and to its shareholders.

Gilead strives to provide a leadership role in Aboriginal relations by bridging the engagement process between Aboriginal communities and the Provincial Government.  Gilead believes that developing effective long term relationships with Aboriginal communities is the cornerstone for building healthy dialogue. However, Gilead will not assume the fiduciary responsibility owed to the communities by governments or other organizations.

Some of Gilead’s projects are located on the traditional lands of Aboriginal peoples. Gilead recognizes certain obligations to these peoples as hosts and neighbours, and identifies Aboriginal peoples as key stakeholders to provide meaningful input to the project development process.

This Aboriginal Values Statement affirms Gilead’s commitment to our obligations to the Aboriginal peoples affected by our projects. Gilead believes that Aboriginal peoples should benefit from our projects through opportunities such as employment and education, to assist in building sustainable communities.

The rationale for Gilead’s Aboriginal Values Statement includes:

  • Ensuring Aboriginal peoples are not displaced as a result of our projects.
  • Providing assistance to develop the capacity to evaluate, consider and understand the development of our projects.
  • Developing strategies with local Aboriginal communities to include Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the development of our projects.
  • Recognizing Aboriginal peoples as the original and continuing stewards of the land.
  • Respecting the languages, customs, political and socio-cultural institutions of Aboriginal peoples.
Guiding Principals

Gilead’s foundational values of integrity, respect, community and teamwork, provide the framework for day-to-day relations with Aboriginal peoples, and were the core in creating the guiding principles of:

  • Respect the diversity of Aboriginal cultures. Recognize the importance of Aboriginals heritage. Work with communities to develop a productive relationship based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Listen to the views expressed by Aboriginal peoples. Endeavor to conduct activities in a manner that respects Aboriginal views and balances the social and economic benefits associated with our projects. Ensure opportunities are available to local communities.
  • Support higher learning of Aboriginal peoples through work experience and skills development opportunities.
  • Encourage, where feasible, retain Aboriginal peoples, businesses, and skilled contractors in our activities and operations.
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