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Community Relations Values

Gilead’s values provide direction and processto further the vision and mission of our organization. In turn, these values guide our business decisions as we work to meet regulatory and Community needs and expectations.

Our Community Relations Values set out the principals by which all activities are conducted by Gilead and are based on the Company’s core foundational values. Understanding Community priorities and encouraging open and honest communication to foster a collaborative approach to developing a project. Effective relationships with the Community will be built on trust, understanding, compassion and full participation. Project viability is determined by the quality of its Community relationships.

Through information sharing, open dialogue and collaboration, Gilead strives to develop meaningful relationships with Communities to meet new challenges and opportunities. By developing long term relationships, Gilead is able to maintain its social license to operate and gain support for our Company mission which in turn helps create shareholder value.

Good Community relations will foster:

  • Open dialogue and transparent communication and information sharing.
  • Engagement of Communities in the identification of shared economic, environmental and social outcomes of a project.
  • Bridging gaps in Community understanding and participation.
  • Good decision making by informing Communities about our business plans and responding appropriately to their issues and concerns.
  • Teamwork by respecting and supporting each other’s differences and working together towards a common goal.
Guiding Principals

At Gilead we define Community as any person or organization, who can be positively or negatively affected by the development of our projects. Gilead values each viewpoint and believes each Community is significant. As such, Gilead believes the process and effort required to build long-term relationships is important as every Community is unique with different needs and values. The Community Engagement Plan for each project will be designed to encourage open dialogue and transparent cooperative decision making, giving consideration to project size and the extent to which the Community wishes to be engaged. 

Gilead’s guiding principles for Communtiy relations include:

  • Providing timely and accurate information about our project, as available.
  • Taking into account the needs and concerns of Communities when making project related decisions.
  • Actively seeking Community feedback and input to our project.
  • Recognizing and respecting the values and cultures in the communities in which we work.
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