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Northwest Projects

The Fowler project is located in an area adjacent to an existing transmission line, owned and operated by Hydro One Networks Inc.  When developed this wind farm has the potential of providing power for approximately 12,500 homes per year. 

Gilead will work with the MNR, First Nations and community organizations and expects to bid the project into the OPA FIT Program in 2011.  Two meteorological towers will be installed in 2010 to collect wind data which will help determine the turbine layout

Project Overview

Land base: 2,860 hectares on Crown land, in the Townships of Fowler and Ware in the District of Thunder Bay.

Land ownership:  Crown Land

Potential wind farm size: 50 MW

Wind Resource: Desk top wind monitoring data indicates an above average wind resource.  The Wind Resource Assessment, to be completed by Helimax Energy Inc. will commence in 2010 and will provide information on capacity, long term projections and potential electricity generation.

Progress to date:  Gilead is working to secure the site through the MNR Crown Land process and is responding to the Provincial Policy Statement regarding long-term opportunities for the generation and use of renewable energy systems (Pp. 13-14, Sec. 1.7 & 1.8, Provincial Policy Statement, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, March 2005).

Transmission options: Interconnection Study will be completed for the 115kV Hydro One Networks Inc. Transmission Line.


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