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Making wind energy a reality. Gilead Power Corporation is engaged in delivering renewable energy development in Ontario, converting wind into a clean and viable source of electricity. Founded in 2004, we are a privately-owned company that fosters essential partnerships with Aboriginal and Agricultural communities across the province, and a member in good standing of the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Over the past four years, Gilead has identified over a dozen projects through the diligent application of our Project Development Model. Unconstrained capacity of these projects is estimated at over 2,000 MW, 90% of which is wind in projects spread across Ontario. Currently, Gilead has 1000 MW of clean energy under development in Eastern, Northeastern, North Central and Southern Ontario.

We are as committed to clean energy from renewable sources as we are to establishing strong ties to the communities in which we operate. Our promise is to work in a spirit of collaboration and openness with government, environmental groups and the community, and to strive for sustainable results. These are the values that fuel everything we do.


Ontario Water Power Association  Canadian Wind Energy Association
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