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The Answer is Blowing in the Wind (WMV)

Gilead Timeline

December 2005:

Gilead Power Corp. (Gilead) appoints Don McFarlane and Jeff Green to Gilead Board of Directors.

April 2006:

Gilead Power Corp. signed an exclusive MOU with a northeastern Ontario community to evaluate developing a 25 MW biomass-fuelled generation station.

May 2006:

Gilead Power Corp. completed the installation of a meteorological mast for measuring wind and other weather parameters in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

June 2006:

Gilead Power Corp. Board of Directors elects Paul Pede as President.

Wood fibre residue resource availability study underway for biomass project in North Eastern Ontario.

July 2006:

Completed initial private placement financing.

July 2006:

Gilead Power Corp. (Gilead) appoints Bob Beamish, Chairman Woodbridge Group to Gilead Board of Directors.